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A new generation of expertise glides through the currents, taking time to unexpected fathoms. The Invicta Subaqua NOMA lV delivers a substance of depth rivaling all that has come before. Optimum mastery personified, the NOMA lV is the ultimate guiding force calibrated for the complex intricacies of time and adventure. With a discernable momentum, Invicta's Subaqua NOMA lV carries perfectly harmonized components at one with any realm.

Earthly Conceived:
Four large top-ring riders for greater grip when using wetsuit gloves.

Air Tight:
Impenetrable Crown-Protector modeled after submarine propeller protectors for maximum air-tightness.

Water Bound:
Internal casing built to endure any pressure with angled luminous indicators for an accurate read and better protection.

Fire Cast:
Fit for perfection; the deftly designed, short-lug bracelet adjusts itself to any wrist or wetsuit.